Tuesday, July 10, 2007

D & R Depot

When I first set up this "In My Opinion" blog, I intended to review more than just stage shows, but other things as well. I've been falling down on that, so I'm going to try to pick up with a couple of reviews from our recent trip to Upstate New York.

In LeRoy, New York (the birthplace of Jello), someone recommended that we eat at D&R Depot, a converted railroad depot, which was reported as having the best home cooked food and "the best chicken pot pie" in town. I was encouraged when the menu boasted that the pot pie had "the flakiest crust." I'm a crust aficionado and was eager to try it.

The first course was salad, which came with hot rolls. The rolls had, unfortunately, been heated by microwave. As long as you ate them immediately, they were fine, but once they began to cool, they got so hard that you couldn't even bite into them.

When the pot pie arrived it, too, had unfortunately been heated in the microwave. The "world's flakiest crust" had all the flake of a hockey puck. I was very disappointed. The contents of the pot pie were quite good. What a shame that the restaurant had to ruin one of their apparently stellar dishes with microwave heating.

ADDENDUM: I actually had an e-mail from D&R Depot and they assure me that while they do use the microwave for their rolls, they do not use it for heating the chicken pot pie and that the toughness of "the world's flakiest crust" was due to weather factors. They also invited me to come back and try it again and were quite nice about it, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, though it seems unlikely I'll ever be in that part of the country again.

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