Sunday, April 02, 2006

Kite Runner

When Lynn and I went searching for a copy of Quality of Care, she picked up this book and asked me if I'd read it. I'd never heard of it. She told me a friend had given it to her and that I needed to read it, so she bought it for me.

I took it to the theatre with me the night we saw Taming of the Shrew and one of the other reviewers came up to me at intermission and said, "You're reading that now, not last year, like you were supposed to."

Guess I was out of the loop when this book appeared on the scene. Even then, I'm not sure it was a book that I would have chosen to read. That would have been my loss.

This is the story of Amir, a young boy growing up in an affluent family in Kabul, playing with his best friend Hassan, the servant's son. The two have a very special bond and the story of their life together in pre-Taliban Afghanistan gives the reader a look at what life was like before the Russians invaded the country, and then the continuing destruction of the country under the Taliban.

A tragic incident changes the relationship between Amir and Hassan forever, which is not resolved for decades. Even then, the ultimate resolution takes twists and turns that are tragic and unexpected.

This is a gripping tale that will keep you turning pages, even while trying to watch Desperate Housewives (LOL)

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